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OS Sheet 37: 418144
Iron Age Souterrain, Aberdeenshire

This performance took place in a double chambered iron-age souterrain in Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire. Milling remained curled up at the back of the second chamber for one hour, resigning herself to a ‘stone-like’ state. A video camera on infra-red setting, was set up on a tripod in the first chamber of the souterrain and facing into the second chamber. The audience entered through a hole in the ground into the first chamber, they were only able to see into the second chamber by looking through the video camera, as darkness prevailed with the naked eye. The only evidence of Milling’s existence was a 35mm camera on a tripod above the ground where she lay. Milling was in control of this camera’s shutter via a long shutter release cable.