Rebecca Milling’s photography is engaged with the environment and our performance within it. Working on self initiated projects, she has exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy, Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow; Stills, Edinburgh; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Generator, Dundee; and Edinburgh Art Festival amongst others. She has received numerous awards and held residencies at North Lands Glass, Scottish Sculpture workshop and Stills Gallery.

Current Projects:

1 Mile Radius documents the closure of so many businesses and public facilities during the coronavirus lockdown; this closure was apparent in the new notices that sprung up everywhere. Milling has photographed these notices within a 1 mile radius of where she lives. The ripples and repercussions from closure on individuals and society as a whole are overbearingly evident in 1 Mile Radius portraying over 800 notices.

Spare Time portrays numerous empty halls across the breadth of Edinburgh alongside a list of the activities which happen within them. This project celebrates the diverse activity in communal spaces which provide a safe sheltered centre outside of the workplace or home. 

Exit depicts zoo animals leaving the frame. A limited edition artist’s book of this work has recently been published by A Book Edition with a short essay written by Cordelia Underhill, extract below:

“This series of photographs captures animals exiting the scene, and is distinct in its graphic and formal use of tone….The animals, cut in half and leaving the frame, give oblique but pointed reference to the mass endangerment of species in our present environmental crisis. […]”