Rebecca Milling is an artist working with photography and film always incorporating a strong element  of performance within her work and more recently developing ideas derived from noticing children’s intuitive actions which remain with us into adulthood.

Children’s immediate affinity with animals to develop humour, vocabulary and recognition. Exit, a suite of prints, shows animals leaving the frame. These images are at once poignant and playful as they replicate the accidental shot that misses the animals face, but also invite us to think about our relationship to the animals.

Building as an irresistible activity. The act of building up and up, of creating a giant structure, piling up bricks with great concentration and precision, to arrive at that moment of glee and delight, that point when the tower is high enough to bash down to the ground, then collapsing in on itself to lie strewn across the floor.

She was awarded a Royal Scottish Academy Residency with Stills in Edinburgh and North Lands Glass, Caithness  where she learned specialist glass blowing techniques as part of this research to create large sculptures of glass, so that she could capture the dramatic moment of the inevitable, joyful smash and destruction with the medium of photography in one still image. Calculated Construction and Reflective Construction

Milling was born in London and grew up in South Wales. She completed her BA and MA Fine Art degrees at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee and now lives and works in Edinburgh. Milling has been included in exhibitions at The Royal Scottish Academy, Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow; Stills, Edinburgh; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Generator, Dundee; and Edinburgh Art Festival amongst others. She is also part of the Ethel Maude Artists Collective. She and Zoë Irvine have set up Eggbox, a film post-production partnership for artists, film makers and musicians.